March BoxyLuxe First Impressions/Opinions

Like many before me, I have subscribed to Boxycharm! I’m really intrigued by the whole fad of subscription boxes and actually used to subscribe to 2 different ones before coming around to this one. In the past, the subscriptions boxes I’ve used haven’t worked out because I wind up not interested in the products they send me or they’re all sample sizes that I get 1.5 uses out of and then that’s it. That’s not the case with Boxycharm though! Everything included in their boxes are FULL SIZED! It just makes so much sense. How are you truly supposed to know how a product works if you don’t get to work it into your routine?

This month’s box is the third box I’ve received from them AND is the first BoxyLux. The first two boxes I got were awesome, then not so much so I was really in the in the middle as far as how I felt regarding this subscription company. Luckily for them, Boxyluxe blew me away! I knew it was the more expensive option but I wasn’t expecting SO MUCH STUFF! It didn’t come without it’s problems (maybe one major disappointment) but still, my expectations were far exceeded!

Contents of my March 2019 Boxyluxe

Contents of my March 2019 Boxyluxe

Here’s all I got in my Box…

  • Not Pictured: Rose Gold BoxyCharm Train case

  • Becca - Ultimate Lipstick Love in the shade Scarlet

  • Lilly Lashes - Faux mink lashes in the design Gaia

  • It Cosmetics - Confidence in a Cream moisturizer

  • Iconic London - Eyebrow Cushion in medium

  • Cover FX - Perfector Face Palette in Med/Deep

  • Morphe Brushes - eyeshadow palette number 15B - Brunch Babe

  • Wander Beauty - Lift Off peel off mask

  • Moda Brush - Powder and Soft glow brush set

  • Deborah Lippman - nail polish in shades Oh Donna and Modern Love



Boxy Charm Train Case

This is pretty much just a standard to-go bag for traveling or storage or whatever. It’s a cute rose gold color with an oil slick like finish on it. I used this bag on a recent weekend road trip and it held all my stuff so I didn’t have to take my giant toiletries bag. Not exactly reinventing the wheel or anything but a trusty staple to any regular traveler.


Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Lipstick Love in the shade Scarlet

I LOVE red lipstick so I was super excited to get this lil baddie! I’ve kind of been going for more natural looks lately but I always need a good red lip in my arsenal. I tried this on before going to a hockey game and found that it was a little too bright for what I was going for that night so I need to play with it a bit more. But the consistency of the product and the feel of it on my lips was heavenly.


Iconic London - Eyebrow Cushion in medium

This product came just in time because my brow pencil died. I have to say using a brush and dipping into a sponge was a little daunting for this make up rookie but, a gentle hand and lots of blending yielded a VERY positive result!! I love this stuff! It is super pigmented, goes on well and the brush allows for hairlike strokes so my brows look super natural and filled in. I love this product!


Deborah Lippman - nail polish in shades Oh Donna and Modern Love

I enjoy a good nail polish duo. As someone who (to the great annoyance of others) has a nervous habit of picking their nail polish off, I don’t mind when new nail stuff comes through. I’ve only used the matte shade, Modern Love so far and it’s…fine. It’s definitely a trendy shade right now but I lean toward darker shades a bit more, specifically, almost exclusively black.


It Cosmetics - Confidence in a Cream moisturizer

I’m not the biggest lover of It Cosmetics because a lot of their products address needs I don’t really have or their stuff just isn’t inspiring enough for me to buy. The product description pushes that it’s an anti-aging moisturizer (I have noticed some uncomfortable wrinkles. Ack!) that restores visible radiance, reduces he look of pores, discoloration, lines and blahbity blahbity blah. I’ve used it semi-regularly and can say it’s just a solid sideways thumb. There’s nothing wrong with it but there’s nothing like super amazing about it either. I’ll keep using it and see what I think.


Cover FX - Perfector Face Palette in Med/Deep

Ahhhh, the controversial CoverFX palette. For those that don’t know, Boxycharm forked up this month and gave out hundreds of these palettes to their customers but due to a “data issue,” a small group of users recieved a palette that did not match their skintone that was selected on the beauty quiz provided by boxycharm. Boxycharm and the Boxyluxe packages prides itself on providing boxes of beauty products that have a minimum value of $100 and $250, respectively. This palette costs $45. Not having the right palette totally screws with that minimum value, by a lot! I, unfortunately, was one of the customers that received the wrong palette but I'd be upset even if I got the right one. If your box is valued at at least $100 and your $45 palette is unusable, thats almost 50% of the value of your box that’s useless! I was unsuccessful in finding someone to swap with on @boxycharmswap on Instagram, but I have a friend who’s skin tone this matches so I mailed it off to her.

For what it’s worth, Boxycharm sent emails to everyone affected by this issue and deposited $45 worth of “charms” in their accounts to be used on their Charm Room page, aka to buy more stuff from them with the credit. As fine and dandy as that is, there’s nothing in there I even remotely want and it’s been that way every time I’ve looked. Maybe something will come along but I’d rather just have the palette.


Lilly Lashes - Faux mink lashes in the design Gaia

How pretty are these beauties?! I am the ultimate novice when it comes to fake lashes. I have no patience for them and just don’t like the hassle. However, I played with some a few weeks back, to disastrous results. I’m not in a hurry to try again but I do love a dramatic look that only fake lashes can give. I love the look of these lashes but I think I want to experiment with some cheaper versions first before throwing on this set.


Wander Beauty - Lift Off peel off mask

So…sigh. I wanted to love this. I’ve seen Wander Beauty pop up on my radar more and more lately so I was super excited to try this plus I love a good mask. Everything about this except the color and smell of the product was annoying to me. I didn’t like how it was dispensed because I couldn’t get an even layer with my brush. I tried using my fingers and that was even worse. I did like how it looked when the product dried down and there wasn’t really a strong scent to it but when it came time to peel it off I was not pleased. Once I got a good section picked off, it peeled smoothly but in sections and because I didn’t have an even layer, some sections weren’t totally dried. I think I’ve learned after doing this mask that I don’t like peel off masks anyway since I usually just wash the rest of the junk off. This one’s a no for me.


Moda Brush - Powder and Soft glow brush set

I’ve never heard of this brand but I’ll never say no to pretty brushes! I have found a lot of success with the powder brush than the soft glow brush but these bristles are soft and feel great on my face. Plusses include a cute rosey color as well as being cruetly free/vegan!


Morphe Brushes - eyeshadow palette number 15B - Brunch Babe

EEEEEEK. I saved the best for last! I dived in to this beautiful palette the first moment I could. These shadows are soft and creamy that blend like a dream! Theres a healthy mix of mattes and shimmers in shades that could help with many types of neutral looks with a pop of color. I can aboslutely see myself throwing this in an overnight bag and having lots of eye looks at my disposal. Easily the best thing I’ve received in my box!

And that’s all she wrote! Until next moth!