Ramble, Ramble

The ever neglected blog rises once again.

I’ve learned that I am terrible at this. As good as my intentions always are, the follow through is always where I falter.

I will admit things have been pretty hectic and when I do have time to myself I go deep in that Netflix rabbit hole.

When last we left our average heroine it was…*checks old posts* SIX MONTHS AGO?! Oh man, I am the actual worst. Okay, okay, in my defense, I had every intention of being diligent with this. I even set up the whole Good Week, Bad Week thing! Damn. I suck. Anyway, my defense. Spring semester had just wrapped up,  and it was a tough one and I was starting to wonder if I had bit off more than I could chew with taking 2 classes in the summer semester. Well, as it turns out, I WAS TOTALLY RIGHT. 2 classes over a 5-8 week span is completely absurd especially when one of them is a straight up law class. So yeah, that’s my defense. Take it or leave it.

Currently, I’m procrastinating on homework that’s been kicking around in my brain all week. I’ve had this whole week off for thanksgiving so the thought of being any sort of productive has been the last thing to do on my list, even when it’s the only thing on my to do list. However, now is not the time to be lackadaisical since the semester ends in possibly 2 weeks. I’m honestly not sure. It won’t matter because as soon as I’m done with the semester, my online class for winter session kicks up. It’s a capstone class which is another one of those “semester long project” type classes but its only for 5 weeks AND it’s the only one I’m taking! Whatever gets those boxes checked.

In the meantime, I’ve been fretting about the mandatory internship I have to take to graduate. Everyone I’ve talked to says it’s a simple process and the school has a lot of avenues to help with securing an internship, I just have to do it. Anxiety brain went into overdrive during the orientation I went to last week. I just want to make sure I do the right thing and that I get it all done on time so that I can graduate in the spring. I can’t express the level of heartbreak I will have and embarrassment in myself and for my family I will feel if I don’t graduate in the spring. It’s a lot of pressure. I could get any internship I can but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right internship for my future. If I want to work in sports, I can’t be the social media intern for the Fullerton Arboretum. Just doesn’t make any sense. I have to start getting my stuff in order which is just another thing to add to my list.

But before I get started with all of that, I’m really excited to share that this weekend I’ll be in Vancouver, British Columbia! That’s in Canada!! It’ll be my first time visiting the True North (which is embarrassing as a hockey fan) and I can’t be more excited. Even if it’s just for the weekend, my best friend and I have a full itinerary of things we want to do. She’s never been either so it’ll be a fun experience for both of us. I plan on taking tons of pictures and of course we’re going to see the Canucks. I do have 2 missions while we’re there though. Tim Horton’s and ketchup chips. I love ketchup and I love chips. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this snack and I’m determined to find out for myself what the deal is.

Before all that, I’ve got a week of class ahead of me. My schedule is really filling up. Literally, I think I have less than 5 spare weekends between now and the end of the year. Between classes, Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas themed events, visiting everyone I know and exchanging gifts with them and whatever else I’m probably forgetting, it’s all turning into a bit of a mess. Naturally, my anxiety is through the roof. Perfect time to go away right? Heh… All I can do is all I can do. I have to just take everything day by day, write it all down in my pretty planner and not get careless or procrastinate.

Speaking of procrastinating, ya girl’s got a 20 page TV pilot script to write due Wednesday so I better get cracking.

Until next time… probably months from now.

Hopefully not though!




Alex, what’s something you’re enjoying in pop culture right now?


The Crown

the crown.jpg

Yesterday I finished The Crown and MAN is it good. Being British by blood (literally, my mother immigrated here from England when she was 2…it’s my right to talk in that accent) I have a slight fascination with the Royal Family. (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?!?!? YES GIRL YES!) I tried this Netflix original once before and just fell out of it because I got into other things. Upon revisiting, I couldn’t finish fast enough. Claire Foy is INCREDIBLE as Queen Elizabeth II and my beloved 11th Doctor, Matt Smith is such an amazing a-hole as Phillip. Is it based on real people and events? Yes. Is accurate? Well, I have no idea. Probably? Maybe? I’d hope not? Either way, it’s fascinating drama. I can’t gush about it enough. The Crown, y’all! The Crown!!

You can watch season 1 with a Netflix subscription.

Season 2 drops December 8, 2017.





A few months back I was jonesing for something new to binge and Shameless was something that had popped up not only on my “recommended for you” list but other avenues of social media as well. Not being an avid Showtime viewer, it was never on my radar and I knew nothing about it (beyond knowing it wouldn’t scare the pants off of me like I’m afraid Stranger Things will). So, my deciding to watch was PURELY a shot in the dark and boy, is my aim good. This show is incredible. I love shows and movies that feature big complicated families, like Cheaper by the Dozen or Brothers & Sisters. Shameless was right up my alley appealing to that family trope but just the right amount of rough around the edges to keep it interesting. The Gallagher’s are sassy AF, get their stuff done and don’t give a flying F about anyone else. They manage to get out of some really tough spots and keep me laughing the whole way. Sometimes I’d like to be a Gallagher, but I always come to the conclusion that I would totally die.

You can watch Seasons 1-7 with a Netflix or Showtime subscription and season 8, airing now, on Showtime or ShowtimeAnytime.



Brunch Podcast

Podcasts!! Lately I’ve been really bored with my music and instead of just tapping the next track button on my phone for half of my drive, I dive into podcasts. One I’ve grown really fond of over the past year is Brunch. I came across it when I saw a tweet from one of the hosts, Pete Blackburn, I follow on twitter (he’s big in the hockey community. #gifboy). I was skeptical at first thinking it was going to be just a super bro-ish podcast with Pete and his friend DJ Bean but I stuck with it and has become one of my all time favorites. It’s not bro-ish at all. It’s actually refreshing to hear some of the takes these two have because it restores my hope that not all males that walk this earth are idiotic scumbags. They talk about everything under the sun just like some basic b’s would between mimosas at brunch from what’s pissing people off on Monday’s to movie reviews, Haim, Haim, Haim and sometimes Haim, and help society understand who’s a hot guy and who’s a weatherman (lookin’ at you Colin Jost!). As creepy as it sounds, I feel like they’re friends of mine and we’re just having a discussion while I drive to school.

For more information and to listen to Brunch, check out their website here!



The Great British Baking Show


There I am again with the Britishy stuff! It’s just my heritage, what can I say. I don’t bake anywhere remotely close to what people on this show can do but it’s refreshing to see a cooking competition show that doesn’t consist of Gordon Ramsey openly berating people or have competitors sabotaging each other. There’s a feeling of general likeness and agreeability amongst all the contestants. They’re just happy to be there baking their buns off for Ms. Mary Berry and Mr. Paul Hollywood. (YEAH those are the judges names, I’m not joking.) It’s light, it’s sweet, the stuff they make is cool plus all the fun accents.

You can watch seasons 1-4 of The Great British Baking Show with a Netflix subscription.